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Creating value through Global Convergence


years of expertise

SINCE 1992
Shokura, Inc. is a vertically integrated supply chain and distribution company.

We create and implement integrated solutions for high-quality food commodities and consumer products. 
Our aim is add value for our clients through quality, convenience, and efficiency in complex and challenging supply chain environments.
Our product offerings include food commodities, display merchandising & store fixtures, home & office furniture, construction & building materials, and warehouse equipment.

Why Us

Customer Centric

Our approach is to deliver service tailored to the unique needs of our clients

Premiere Products

We never compromise on quality and only source from the most reputable partners

Reliable & Efficient

Vertically integrated distribution channels & centers ensure dependability at all times

Global Presence

Business Ventures

The retail and wholesale trade industry is rapidly evolving and expanding with the changing course of time. In an aggressive market where competition is at its peak, we at Shokura Impex aim at capitalizing on our prospects by delivering cutting-edge advanced services that ultimately lead to the satisfaction of our global customer base. 

Our Extended Portfolio

Bhayani Property & Investments

Real estate development & services in the U.S, New Zealand, Tanzania, and India.

Bhayani Management

Property management services

N Enterprises

Investments backed by the Real estate and Retail trade.

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Meet the people

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Alexander Harvard
Co Founder
Bryan Jonhson
Jemmy Watson
Jeremy Dupont

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